How to Cope with Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

When someone has cancer, they might have to take chemotherapy treatment. Most forms of chemotherapy cause hair loss.


Going through chemotherapy can already be stressful. Losing your hair in the meanwhile is a hard experience though there are several ways to cope with it:

  1. Try and choose a wig before your hair loss starts. Talk to a wig technician, if possible one recommended to you by your hospital. Look for a hair design that matches your natural hair color, type, and volume.
  2. Remember that in most cases hair regrows after the chemotherapy is over. If not, you might be suitable for a hair restoration if you have local patches of baldness but you might also not be suitable.
  3. Talk to other patients who are particularly your age. Learn from their experiences.
  4. Try different hair accessories. You might like one that suits you.
  5. Get a balanced diet. It is essential in your treatment.
  6. Seek emotional support.
  7. Spend time with your loved ones.
  8. Think about the days to come: when you will be free of your illness, and your hair will grow back. Imagine the hair styles that you can try. Imagine yourself with your hair.
  9. Ask any questions you may have.
  10. Losing your hair is a new experience. You will most likely lose all hair on your body including your eyebrows and eyelashes, scalp, and body hair – wanted and unwanted hair! Take advantage of it while you can.
  11. Accept that a hairless scalp, face, and body can also be beautiful, healthy, and attractive.
  12. Learn what expects you during your chemotherapy. Preparing yourself is always a good option.
  13. There are some procedures and treatments that prevent hair loss during chemotherapy. Remember that most of these are not recommended by the doctors as they have the potential to intervene with your treatment.
  14. Be gentle to your existing hair, and keep your hair healthy once it restarts growing.
  15. Try not to be overexposed to sunlight. Keep your head and scalp from too cold and too hot temperatures. Cover it when possible.
  16. Keep a positive attitude! Stay healthy, and hopeful.

We wish you a fast recovery.


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