Why is Hair So Important?

Hair. The important body or scalp cover. Its importance varies from individual to individual, society to society. And yet, it is often a major topic to talk about from small talk to deeper conversations.


I know many people who have lost their hair. You see many men on the street, at work, on the subway who have balding scalps. Perhaps, you are a victim of hair loss too. Hair is a significant accessory. We all seem to want the hair of others.

I used to come across men, who have just had their hair transplant surgeries, on the busiest streets of Istanbul. They looked content with the thoughts that they would soon get their hair back.

Do not you also think that hair is very significant? Not for everyone but for many. Even if it is not important to you, the lack of it may be. It is usually either, or. Hair is an essential part of your look. Femininity and hair have been closely related for centuries. Nobleness have also been defined by different hair styles. Clothes or hair do not make the men and yet they can tell something about who we are. That is why hair is important.

It is also important because it is considered to be the norm as most people are born with it. Hair develops and grows naturally. Even if one decides not to care about their hair style, they need to keep it clean, tidy or short to minimize the efforts for their hair care.

Hair is important because:

  1. We base our self-esteem on it: We all have an idea of how we look, and how we might have looked with different hair styles. After having had hair for some years, we want to keep it, look after it, style it, and find the perfect one that suits us.
  2. Others have a perception of us: Like most of do of other people, first impressions are based on the first looks that one has in a first encounter, and also, the first actions.
  3. Hair is a natural accessory, a part of us: Historically, it has been a symbol of beauty, and it is hard to change this fact.
  4. It is spiritually significant in numerous cultures: Both Semitic and non-Semitic religions have thoughts about the significance, the energy, and the spiritual characteristics of hair.
  5. Hair has some bodily functions: It can cover the scalp, and other body areas. It regulates our body temperature, and also, functions as an extension for the sense of touch.

Hair is an aspect of your identity, and you have all the reason in the world to love it, admire it, care for it.


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