Hair growth after hair transplant

Hair growth after hair transplant is one of the most commonly wondered topics of hair transplant. One does not immediately get their full head back after hair transplant, and that has to do with the natural hair growth cycle. When will your hair grow back after hair transplantation?

Hair growth

After the hair is transplanted, the new hair follicles set in the scalp. They start falling out within 2 to 3 weeks after the transplantation. They continue falling out for a few months, and yet at the same time new hair will start developing. This is very natural, and there is nothing alarming about it. The transplanted hair will be in the shedding stage of the hair growth cycle, then they will have the resting stage, and then they will enter the growth (anagen) stage.

After the end of the first month, you can style or dye your hair if not otherwise stated by your doctor.

Around 6 to 9 months after the surgery, the transplanted hair grows. Most of the transplanted hair follicles start developing. By the end of the first year, most patients will see all of the transplanted hair growing. They will also get thicker.

Two years after the hair transplantation, a full head will be more visible. However, the hair growth depends on the patient. Some will experience this differently. They will have their hair sooner. Each patient is different, and each hair follicle is in a different stage of the hair cycle.

After your hair transplant surgery, your surgeon will ask you to visit them for regular follow-ups, and during these follow-ups raise any questions you may have. The development of your scalp hair will be recorded by taking sequential photos of it.

Your surgeon will explain the hair growth cycle, and what you will experience post surgery. It is best to be aware of the aftermath of your surgery, and how your hair will start falling and grow back.


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