Where Do You Harvest the Hair Follicles in a Beard or Mustache Transplantation?

When performing a beard or mustache transplantation, the back of the scalp (the nape) or the sides, between the ears, is the donor site – this is where we extract the hair follicles. However, if the donor site does not have enough hair follicles, then we can assess the hair on the chest, armpit, shoulder, and back of the patient. If the hair follicles in these sites are greasy and have epitheliums, then they might be suitable for beard and mustache transplantation. Before the surgery, we make a trial, and we separate the cells that have grease/oil and epithelium one by one. If the patient does not have enough hair follicles on the back of their head, then we can use the suitable hair follicles in any part of their body for the extraction during the beard and mustache transplantation.


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