Can I Get the Hair Design That I like with Hair Transplant Surgery?

If you have enough hair on your donor site, if your donor site and the recipient site match each other, you can get the hair design/model that you fancy. However, there is a very important point here. It is very important that the hair transplant is performed correctly, and the hair follicles are transplanted at the right angle. If they are not transplanted at the right angle, the hair will grow at a straight angle – as if growing away from the scalp – and the hair design will not be as desired. If the hair is transplanted at the right angle when the donor site and the balding site match, the patient can get the hair design they like. It can be anything from combing the hair to the front, parting it to the right or left, or backcomb. All types of hair models and designs are possible to design/manage in a hair transplantation.


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