Does a Hair Design Done Before a Hair Transplantation Affect the Results?

There are two groups of hair designs that can be done before a hair transplantation surgery. One of them is the hairline that our patient has requested, and the other one is the hairline that suits the patient best.

If you have a hairline design that suits your face, the result of your hair transplantation will be good. If a hair specialist designs the hairline according to the patient’s expectations but that design does not suit the patient’s face, and the specialist does not recommend it, the decision might lead to bad looking results.

If the person does not have enough grafts, designing a hairline that is too low would make the patient’s hair look thin. If we start the hairline from a bit to back of that desired line, and narrow the area, and then perform the hair transplantation, the result will be successful.

Designing the hairline is very essential to a hair transplant, and has direct impact on the results.


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