How is The Hair and Scalp Examination Before A Hair Transplant Surgery Performed?

When patients decide to have a hair transplantation, they visit a hair transplantation center or they send the pictures of their scalp, displaying their hair loss via WhatsApp or email to the hair transplantation center. When the patient visits the hair transplantation center, we perform a detailed computer assisted examination.

We talk about the design of their hairline, how dense the hair follicles on the back and sides of their scalp are, and if they are enough, and how many hair follicles their follicular units compose of, with our patients. We perform a detailed computer based examination because this allows for the patient to view the quality of their hair follicles during this assessment.

Before the hair transplant surgery, it is best to do an assessment via the pictures that our patients have sent to us via WhatsApp or email, or do a personal examination (when they visit the center in person), and inform our patients about these, and prepare them for the hair transplant surgery.


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