Why is the FUT Procedure Not Widely Preferred Nowadays?

The FUT technique has not been widely used in the last 8-9 years. During the FUT we extracted a strip of hair bearing skin from the back of the scalp. We used to close the scar by applying suture, and removed the stitches after one week.

This method sometimes caused the patient to have more doubts about the procedure because of the possible complications such as edema, bruises, and some patients would refrain from the hair transplantation surgery.

Also, the FUT caused the grass doll look because of the way the hair follicles grew afterwards, and caused the patients to refrain from having a hair transplantation. FUT has a lot of disadvantages. We could not ensure a natural result because we were not able to pick the hair follicles individually.

In the last 8-10 years, the FUE method has become more popular. FUE gives natural looking results that makes it hard for others to notice the difference between the transplanted and natural hair.


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