Fue Hair Transplant Cost

FUE hair transplant cost – a huge question mark? FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It is the most advanced procedure of hair transplants. Therefore, hair loss sufferers tend to think that the FUE hair transplant cost is rather high.

fue hair transplant

FUE involves the extraction of the hair follicles from the back of the scalp, and is a least invasive form of surgery. The cost of a FUE hair transplant changes depending on several variables. Often, the best surgeons and teams have a standard cost – because of the operational costs, and their skills. However, paying more for your FUE hair transplant does not guarantee great results, or fast recovery. The cost of a FUE hair restoration depends mainly on the country where the clinic/surgeon/hair transplant team is located, and is operating at.

The Western medicine, and the expertise of medical doctors in West are known all around the world. Most of us want to get our surgeries in the West because of the high standards, high skills, and experience. However, some countries are surprisingly successful in medicine. Turkey is one such place.

When the Republic of Turkey was first founded, as it was the aftermath of the First World War, its first doctors received their medical training in the West. Also, after the Second World War, several European doctors and medical professors immigrated to Turkey. The medical education in Turkey built up on the foundations of these people’s high skills. Turkey has several medical schools where the education/training language is English. As English is the instruction language, Turkish doctors often go abroad to Europe or to the US to resume their studies, attend international conferences, do research, internships, or even work.

medical force in TurkeyThis highly skilled medical force in Turkey is very experienced in performing hair transplants. Turkey is a country where the costs of running a hospital, performing operations, and paying for the employees are still comparatively low. This means that sought after surgeons, esthetic sense, and low costs of operations for the patients. Thanks to the benefits of these Turkey still can offer cheap hair transplants to hair loss sufferers. And the more the Turkish hair transplant surgeons perform operations, the more experience they gain. Win-win.

This is to say that the FUE hair transplant cost does not have to be over 10 thousands of dollars/euros/pounds to achieve a great hair transplant result. Reliable and skilled surgeons can be found in countries outside the Western world too. The term graft is one that you will come to often hear if you are a hair transplant patient yourself.

Our hair exists in units of 1-4 on our scalp. During a hair transplant, follicular grafts are extracted, and transplanted to the required sites on the scalp. The cost of a hair transplant depends on your hair loss, and the condition of your scalp. The more hair grafts required to cover your baldness, the higher the prices will be – at least usually.

fue hair transplant cost

HairWiki is a hair institution operating in Turkey. It has packaged that cover the full expenses: your accommodation in Turkey for three days for your FUE hair transplant, VIP transfers, and most importantly your hair transplant itself. These packages are less costly then the prices of FUE hair transplants in most countries. If you are considering a FUE hair transplant, check out the packages of HairWiki, and compare them with the quotes you receive from other countries.

While hair transplant is a minor surgery, its complexity changes for each individual case. FUE hair transplants are often suitable to perform on patients with male pattern baldness. Whether you are suitable to get a FUE hair transplant can be determined after a medical assessment.


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