From Which Areas of the Body Can Hair Be Extracted?

If the hair follicles on the donor site are sufficient, we extract the hair follicles in hair transplantation from this site – the back of the scalp. If the donor site is not sufficient, we can extract hair from the body. One of the sites suitable for extraction is the chest area. If the chest has a fascia layer and has many hair follicles, we can use the chest area for extracting the hair follicles.

A secondary site is the beard. If there are many and thick follicles, we can use the beard area for hair transplantation, and support the extraction.

We cannot use only the beard or only the chest hair follicles in a hair transplant. We cannot give a 100% guarantee that the hair follicles extracted from these sites will stay forever. In some cases, they fall out after a while.

If the patient has a sufficient donor site, we prefer to extract the hair follicles on their donor site which is the back of one’s scalp.


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