Does Having Frequent Hair Cuts or Shaving the Head Increase Hair Thickness/Density?

Cutting your hair often or shaving your scalp will not increase the density of your hair because our hair roots have a hair layer that is like the onion follicle. Here, our hair grows inside the hair follicle that is like the onion follicle, the hair strands are attached to the hair bulb – a hair strand gains its elasticity inside the hair follicle. When we cut, or shave our hair, it is the hair that emerges from the skin. It is only the hair that sticks from the surface of the skin, that is cut. This only lets the air in, rejuvenates the scalp, and adjust the moisture and oil balances. Therefore, we only get rid of the brittle, broken, split, damaged hair tips/ends.

By having haircuts, we can have healthier hair. Our hair will get more air and oxygen, and the hair strands will not break off from the nourishment source, they will still receive the nutrients, and continue to grow. However, cutting our hair will not make our hair thicker or denser.


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