How to Find a Hair Transplant Surgeon

Finding the right hair transplant surgeon is essential for receiving the best and natural looking results in a hair transplant. A skillful and experienced team is key in the success of the operation.

How Crucial is the Expertise of the Team in a Hair Transplant?

Finding the right team depends on where you are planning to have your operation. Each country or state may have different regulations, laws, licenses, permits, and training for hair transplant clinics, surgeons, and teams. In some countries like Turkey, the hair transplant clinic has to obtain a license and permission from the Turkish Ministry of Health in order to perform hair transplant operations. Every place is different. Some may require qualified hair transplant surgeons to perform the operations whereas in some other the regulations may not be strict or not widely practiced. In some cases, physicians who are not hair transplant surgeons perform the operation or even a hair transplant team who do not hold medical degrees.

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Also, even if qualified and trained, not all surgeons are ethical. It is best to find a hair transplant surgeon who;

  • Extensive and right medical training and qualifications to perform hair transplants,
  • Is ethical, and cares about their patients’ expectations,
  • Has specialization and focus in the field,
  • Has good references from many satisfied patients,
  • Performed many hair transplant surgeries/has expertise for long years,
  • Uses the latest techniques,
  • Keeps on training in the field, follows up on the latest developments, attends international conferences,
  • Operates hair transplant operations full time or the clinic performs hair transplants full time,
  • Has a license and permit,
  • Has the best tools in their facility,
  • Has a grasp of aesthetics,
  • Has a great hair transplant team.

Also, avoid the following:

  • TV commercials – depends on the country though
  • Referrals from your GP
  • Very large hair transplant groups

Your health and safety are your primary concerns. Hair transplant surgeries are medical surgeries, and even though not too major, there may be pitfalls, and it is best to find a good hospital and surgeon for your operation. In some countries, good surgeons may have internet, print, or TV commercials but this is not always the case. Some big groups can be unethical and buy public opinion or employ many different hair transplant surgeons on a freelance basis which might cause some complications. (Though not always)

Largest in the field does not mean the best.

Have your hair transplant in a clinic which you feel comfortable at, and by a surgeon with whom you can communicate, address your problems, and talk openly about your expectations. If you feel that any questions and concerns that you have, are not being addressed properly and honestly, if you think the prices are too high, and the practice is lying about their expertise and skills, go somewhere else. Talk to previous patients who have similar characteristics as you do (hair color – complexion / shades). If you have any serious health issues, have them treated before your operation. Your surgeon should not only have technical expertise in performing hair transplants, but also design your new hair in a way that it will suit your face, and the results will be natural. They will consider your natural hairline, the direction of growth of your hair, and the angle.


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