What Happens if I Accidentally Use Facial Expressions After My Beard and Mustache Transplantation?

One of the most important precautions to take after a beard or mustache transplantation is to avoid much chewing. Simple and small chewing movements are fine but it is best to avoid very solid/hard foods such as bread, and chewing gum. The patient must not chew the food for the 7 – 8 days because we move the recipient areas a lot, and the transplanted grafts need time to set. The grafts can come off, if you move your mouth too much by chewing, and eating very hard and solid food. The hair will not grow in the recipient area.

It is best to have liquids (both food and drinks) with the help of a straw. This only takes a week. After a week, when the scabs fall off, the patient keep eating as usual. It is best to use as little facial expressions as possible for the ten days after the transplantation.


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