Ego and Hair Transplant

Ego – hair transplant. Three words you would not imagine coming together. While some people make the choice to undergo hair transplant surgery very quickly, and are happy with that, some others take longer. Sometimes even years.

It is a big decision. You might have to live with the results if the hair transplant does not turn out to be good. But if you are happy with the results, you will not have to spend money on your hair loss. Let us be entirely honest here. Balding is not physiologically life-threatening. When someone undergoes hair transplant, it is because they want to feel good about themselves. That is the major change.

There are several sides to the story. Hair loss can damage your ego, and having hair transplant can send it to the roof. Some people try to deal with the damage by acting as if they do not care about their hair loss at all. Some people really do not care, and enjoy their bald scalp.

Some others feel very low after their hair loss starts. The only solution is to get their hair back. These patients regain their confidence after they get their hair transplant.


Ego, hair transplant. Ego, hair transplant. Hmm, do you hide your feeling of loss? Are you happy without your hair? Do still find yourself attractive? Are you confident in your looks? What about your ego? Ask yourself these questions before considering hair transplant. While having one’s hair back is a wonderful and empowering experience, nobody has to feel like Superman! (Or Iron Man) Having hair transplant or not is and should be an individual decision. It is entirely up to you to undergo the surgery or not. The trick is: if you are very unhappy without your hair, and are suitable for hair transplant, do it. If you like your new looks, do not. Only make sure that you know what your real thoughts are. Be sure of your emotions. Many people who experience hair loss overlook their true feelings, and this leads to even more problems. It is best to accept and communicate your thoughts about your hair loss, and the impact it has on your ego.


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