Does the Hair in The Donor Areas (the Back of the Scalp, the Area Between the Ears) Grow Back?

The hair in the back of the scalp, between the ears is genetically resistant to falling out. After we extract these hair follicles, they do not grow back, however, no matter how many hair follicles we extract from this area, the hair grows downwards, and the donor area will remain covered with hair. One cannot notice any thinness.

When extracting hair follicles, we take into account the 3 to 1 principle. For every 3 existing hair follicles only 1 is extracted. There is room for flexibility in this area, and the extraction is therefore unnoticeable, thinning of the hair does not occur.

Because hair follicles are extracted by experienced doctors, thinning does not occur in the donor area. New hair does not grow in the place of extracted hair follicles in the donor area.


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