Do Hair Transplants Work? Who performs a hair transplant?

I would ask this question: Do hair transplants work? over and over if I were a hair loss sufferer.

I would because it is an important decision to make. A life-changing (for the better or worse) surgery. It is indeed a surgery but a minor one. It is a transplant.

Hair science is a field of medicine. Hair transplants are entirely scientific procedures – they are not cosmetic, they are not artistry. Yes, they do require a sense of aesthetic and hand skills but they mostly require medical diplomas and qualifications.

Who performs a hair transplant?

Because hair transplants a medical, surgical procedure, they are performed by medical doctors, specialized hair transplant surgeons with the help of their technical teams. As in all other medical procedures, a team of health experts, technicians, specialists, nurses, and such help the surgeon to perform the operation.

It is always comfortable for me to hear that an operation is performed by the experts. The hair transplant methods have improved over the years, and the current procedures are very advanced.

Do hair transplants work? You bet they do! The surgeons achieve wonderful, natural looking results. If you have enough and thick hair on your donor area which is the back of your scalp, you can get a good hair transplant. The surgeons will extract some of your nape hair, and transplant it to the balding areas on the other parts of your scalp.

do hair transplants work

Those who have had hair transplants 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago are enjoying their new hair because hair transplant offers a permanent solution to hair loss. While hair transplants do not work for everyone (because not all hair loss patterns are suitable), for those who are suitable, they work like wonders. You need to wait until your hair loss has stabilized but your hair transplant surgeon can tell you exactly at what stage of your hair loss, you can get a hair transplant.


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