Do Hair Transplants Grow?

The question ‘Do hair transplants grow?’ may come as a surprise to some of us but it is a fair and very frequently asked question.

Do Hair Transplants Grow

We all doubt the worthiness of a hair transplant before we learn about the procedure.

A few key points here are:

  1. Hair transplant is a hair treatment procedure. It is surgical and works on mostly males with male pattern hair loss.
  2. Hair transplant works on this principle: In male pattern hair loss, the patient loses their crown hair, but not their hair on the back of their head. The hair on our nape is resistant to hair loss.
  3. Because male pattern hair loss is hereditary, there is no available cure but a permanent treatment and that is hair transplant surgery.
  4. In a hair transplant, your surgeon will move your hair on the back of your scalp to the front of your scalp. As the hair on the back of your scalp never falls out (genetically programmed to not fall out unlike the crown hair), when it is moved, it stays on your scalp during your lifetime.

So, do hair transplants grow? Yes, they do. Once they are transplanted, they fall out because our hair has a lifecycle, and it falls and grows back. This is not like the permanent hair loss where the hair follicles shrink. This is only a natural phenomenon, and happens in even not bald people. We experience it everyday without noticing the whole process because the hair strands on our scalps are in different phases (growing, resting, shredding) of the hair growth cycle, and do not fall altogether at a single time.

Between 4-12 months (usually around the 8th month) after hair transplant surgery, transplanted hair grows back. Yes, it grows back! Then it gets fuller. The hair gets thicker, having more than one hair in a graft usually.

Be assured that, if everything works well, if you are suitable for a hair transplant, and you have a good surgeon, your hair transplant will grow, and it will be permanent.


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