Cost For Hair Transplant

Cost For Hair TransplantThe cost for hair transplant procedure does not depend on a single factor but many.

In a nutshell, getting a hair transplant in the Western world (Europe and the States) is costlier than getting it in other parts of the world. This is often due to the high level of development in Western medicine, and the first-mover advantage.

Many hair treatments are developed in the West, and yet some of the earliest hair transplants were actually performed in Japan in the 1940s. Certain hair transplant surgeons in the West are the best in the world but this surely does not mean that there are not any good hair transplant surgeons elsewhere.

The costs for hair transplants in the US are high because the operational costs are high for the surgeons too. The same goes for Europe. Not all us can save the money for our hair transplant ($25.000 and more!). Then, we can look for other options.

There are other options available in other countries. Hair transplants in Turkey, and hair transplants in India come to mind. They are more affordable. They have some great surgeons and facilities. Particularly Turkey. The costs for getting a hair transplant in Turkey is not so high. You may be thinking “what about the flight, the stay, and the aftercare?” Hair transplant is a minimally invasive medical procedure, and the recovery time is quite short. You are not likely to have any major side effects after the first week of your operation if the procedure has been performed correctly.

The flights to Turkey are available from many international airports, and they are often quite affordable. The better news is, there are options that cover your stay, and your hair transplant treatment – even your transport from the airport to your accommodation (often a 4-star hotel) and to the clinic. These packages come in handy. They are good value. And the overall cost for these all-inclusive packages will still be much less than the cost of getting a hair transplant in many other countries. Plus, Turkish hair transplant surgeons are very skilled and talented.


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