When Should One Consider Having Chest FUE?

Most patients are curious about the use of hair follicles on the chest in scalp hair transplant. Using the chest as a donor site is a last resort for us. There are a few reasons for that: The hair on the chest are often individual hair strands, and they do not tend to grow very long. Their growth stops after a point, and they do not have the same structure as the hair on the scalp.

We use the hair follicles on the chest or in the armpits only if the hair follicles on the donor area/the back of the scalp, between the ears, are not sufficient, and if the patient has already had two, three or four sessions of FUE and FUT operations. When we perform this operation, the most number of hair follicles we can extract is about 1.000, and as I mentioned earlier, the hair follicles on the chest have single roots, and do not cover the balding area as the hair follicles on the standard donor site.


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