When to Consider Hair Transplant?

When to consider hair transplant?


  1. When you look in the mirror, you do not feel young anymore.
  2. You are not a teenager. (or are you?)
  3. You are in general in good health.
  4. There is no ideal age, and yet, the 30s are often good because of the maturity of hair loss.
  5. If you want the looks of John Travolta in Grease.
  6. If your hair loss is slowing down.
  7. If you still have hair on the back of your scalp.
  8. If you have male pattern baldness. (Blame your genes!)
  9. If you need reconstructive surgery after the pluggy look.
  10. If you think you look better with your hair.
  11. When hair loss has become a psychological issue for you.
  12. If your hair loss is permanent.
  13. If you miss combing your hair.
  14. If you can afford it. Otherwise, it is best to save before the hair transplant. Luckily the hair transplants in Turkey are very affordable!
  15. If you have found “the” surgeon.
  16. If you need to boost your confidence.
  17. When you can set realistic expectations about it.
  18. If you do not have any fears about medical operations.
  19. If you can spare a few days for the operation.
  20. If you are a smoker, and can quit for good or stop smoking for a while.
  21. If you can be patient for around two years to see the full results.
  22. If you work in an industry where the looks are important such as TV, sports, politics…
  23. When you cannot style your hair due to balding, and you are not happy about it.
  24. If the problem has become hard to deal with.


Some people, especially men, are genetically more susceptible to hair loss. Most men in their 50s start losing some of their hair. Hair loss is natural. Some people accept their new look, and take pride in it, whereas, hair loss can be devastating for others. There is nothing wrong with accepting or not accepting one’s hair loss. There is nothing wrong with wanting your hair back.

If you are generally healthy, if you have a good medical history, and if you are suitable for hair transplant, you can consider it because it provides permanent and efficient results. Thanks to the advancements in technology, the results do not give an unnatural appearance. Make sure you want to undergo hair transplant operation. Make sure you find the correct surgeon. Do your research before making a decision. Before deciding on getting a hair transplant, try to accept the feeling of loss. If you need psychological support, get it soon.


Even if hair loss does not have any major effects on our health, hair transplant is an operation – a minor medical surgery. Therefore, it has to be performed by medically trained hands. Hair transplant is the harvesting of one’s own hair, and the transplantation of it. Not someone else’s hair, but your hair. The operation changes the hair loss patient’s life entirely. It boosts one’s self-confidence, is better value than topical products in the long term. Studies show that those who had hair restoration think they have better chances in their professional and romantic lives. They report an increase in their skills such as communication skills. They think they perform better at work, and strive more for promotions. They feel younger, more attractive, active, and energetic. Hair restoration ensures better personal and social image. The transplanted hair is low maintenance, and gives a better personal impression. If you think all these benefits are worth it, why don’t you give it a go?


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