Can I Color My Hair After Hair Transplantation?

You can dye your hair after your hair transplantation procedure, however, it is best to wait for three months before dyeing your hair because the newly transplanted hair grows back about 2 – 2.5 months after the surgery, and they continue growing until 6 – 7 months after the surgery. We do not advise the application of any hair colors because when the transplanted hair is still growing, we do not want the hair follicles/cells to be blocked by chemicals. And yet, 3 – 3.5 months after your hair transplant surgery, you can use herbal colors to dye your hair. This advice is only for the transplanted area/recipient site.

The back of the scalp (the donor site for harvesting the hair follicles) can be dyed ten days after the hair transplantation.


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