Causes and Treatments for Male Pattern Baldness

What are the causes and treatments for male pattern baldness?

That is a great start. If you are a male pattern baldness sufferer, it is always a good idea to search your options, and understand your condition. You are not alone. Let’s break this down together.

Causes for male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness or in medical terms androgenetic alopecia is a genetic condition seen in men. It is different than the regular hair shredding – this one is excessive, and the bald areas on the scalp are more visible with time.

The main cause for male pattern baldness is one’s genes. Yep. Blame the genes. Some of us are more prone to hair loss thanks to our genes.

Though, there is nothing to worry about because hair loss is not a serious condition. It mostly affects one’s psychological well-being which is understandable.

A boring info here: Something called the DHT in testosterone causes the hair follicles to shrink, and they eventually fall.

Male pattern baldness is permanent and can usually not be reversed back. But there is some good news. Please read below.

Treatments for male pattern baldness

As of August 2017, the only available permanent solution for hair loss is hair transplant surgery. That’s right. Male pattern baldness cannot currently be cured but it can be treated by a hair transplantation.

Most males who have male pattern baldness are suitable to get a hair transplant and get their hair back.

A hair transplant is simply the taking your own hair and transplanting it in to the bald areas of your scalp. Hair on the back of our head is not prone to hair loss. That is due to genetics. Yes, the genes once again.

For other types of hair loss which are temporary, there are some other treatments.

In general, we can classify hair loss treatments as medical treatments, cosmetic treatments, and surgical treatments. Cosmetic treatments include hair sprays to cover the head, wigs, headpieces, shampoos, and other topical products. None of these provide permanent solutions for male pattern baldness. Medical treatments include the vitamin supplements, Finasteride and Propecia, and other medical drugs. Surgical treatments are different hair transplant methods.

If you need a permanent treatment, hair transplant is the best option out there, and it is also cost-efficient in the long term because once you get your hair transplant, you will have your hair forever. Nice isn’t it?


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