Best Hair Transplant

What is in the best hair transplant? What is in a good hair transplant? Let us discuss these today. There are several factors that affect the result of a hair transplant. And some of them are essential – making the differences between a bad, a good, and the best hair transplant. If we have a look at them, we can list them as:

male pattern hair loss

  1. The Source: This is you. You and your hair loss. If you suffer from male pattern hair loss, you are most likely suitable for a hair transplant. The best hair transplant results are achieved on patients with thick and dense nape hair. If you have hair on the back and sides of your scalp, you can observe really good hair transplant results. The reason behind this is the fact that your own hair is removed and transplanted in a hair transplant.

In male pattern baldness which is genetic, men lose their hair due to high levels of DHT in testosterone. The frontal and top parts of the scalp hair is gradually lost. In the same genetic condition, the back of the scalp and the sides are resistant to DHT, therefore, they do not fall. You might have observed this yourself in your own case, or in other patients’. The more hair you have on the back of your scalp, the more grafts can be transplanted. This also ensures a good camouflage on the back of the scalp after the hair transplant.

The flexibility of your scalp adds to the success of the operation.

Your surgeon is the only person who can tell you how suitable you are for a hair transplant, and what you should expect taking into account your conditions.

expert team

  1. The Expert Team: In all operations both medical, and medical cosmetic/plastic surgeries, the expertise of the surgeon and their team play a huge role in the outcome of the surgery. Hair transplant is a minor cosmetic and medical surgery. It requires medical training. It also requires hospital conditions to perform. The more years a surgeon spends operating, the more patients that medical teams attend to, the better the results. The medical teams will then be able to address all possible problems, have seen different cases, have tried different solutions and procedures, and mastered them. Also, they develop a sense of aesthetics over time.


  1. The Technology: Not all cases of hair loss are the same. Even though the condition is generally called male pattern baldness, our scalps and hair, and hair loss are all different, and yet similar. Certain types require certain treatments. The best technology, the most modern and comfortable facility, in other words, the look of a hair transplant clinic does not always guarantee the best results. The first condition is to be suitable for it. The surgeon needs to be an experienced, well-trained, and highly-skilled one. Plus, the most advanced equipment, the latest procedures, and a good facility affect the outcome of a hair transplant.
  1. The Pre and After Care: The patient’s overall wellbeing plays an important role in the results of a hair transplant. The better your general health, the better the results. If you do not smoke, if you have a balanced diet, a good blood circulation, your hair transplant result will be more satisfying. Also, after your hair transplant, your surgeon will explain to you how to take care of your transplanted hair for the first ten days, and afterwards. If you follow their guidelines, you can enjoy a great look.

Please keep in mind that, the cost of the hair transplant or the economic power of the country where your hair transplant will take place are not the main factors that will determine the outcome of a hair restoration. More expensive does not mean better. A good hair transplant surgeon is one with many years of experience – they are highly sought after, and they have many patients. These patients are satisfied with the results.

A good hair transplant surgeon is one that is reliable. They understand your condition, and try to achieve the best hair transplant results. These results should be undetectable: it should not be easy to spot that you had a hair transplant. It should not be a plugged look like a doll. The final look should suit your complexion. A reliable hair transplant surgeon pays attention to your natural hairline. They design your new hair in accordance with that, and also, in accordance with your future hair loss. They care about you, they explain everything you should know about your surgery. The best hair transplant surgeons ensure that you set realistic expectations while doing their best to reach your desired look.

best hair transplant

A good hair transplant result looks natural as if you have never had hair transplant surgery. The transplant itself is pain free, with minor complications, if done by the right teams, leaves hardly noticeable scars on the back of your scalp where your hair covers these tiny dots. The right hair transplant teams ensure that the extracted hair survives, and is not lost.

The average full scalp hair transplants take 6-10 hours depending on the patient and the team. During the operation, they should allow you to take breaks such as bathroom breaks, lunch break. You can read or use your tablet PC during the operation. You should be able to return to work soon after your hair transplant.

Turkey is a leading country, and its surgeons deliver wonderful hair transplant results.


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