Best Hair Transplant in the World: Tips & Review

Where to get the best hair transplant in the world? Who performs the best hair transplant in the world? These questions do not have any straightforward answers. First of all, there are no global statistics for hair transplant patients’ satisfaction that reflect long-term results. Secondly, how one feels about their hair transplant is somehow subjective. Despite these, hair experts can still give you a rough idea about where you can get successful hair transplant results because they have seen many case studies.

It would not be wrong to say that some of the best hair transplant surgeons and teams are in the US, and Europe. It would also not be wrong to say that there are a few non-European countries that have a-list hair transplant surgeons in the world. To name a few: Turkey, India, and Thailand. Speaking from experience and based on the research, I can say that world-class hair transplant operations are performed in Turkey because some of the hair transplant surgeons in Turkey are the best in the world.

It is both difficult and hard to find the best hair transplant clinic because you can find misleading information on the internet. One should not only take the doctors’ own words but look at hair transplant before and after pictures, and talk to patients. The best hair transplant varies – your individual hair loss pattern and health condition, your individual needs, your budget, and where you want to get your hair transplant.

Many skilled hair transplant surgeons in the West have already been booked, and cannot take any more patients. The costs for medical procedures, medications, and labor are high in the US, and in Europe. Turkey is known for its lower costs. It is also a big country with a big population, and there are many doctors and specialists.

According to several statistics, Turkey performs the highest number of hair transplants in the world, and is a leading country in the field. The teams in Turkey are very skilled because of their training and their high number of patients.

If you are trying to get a hair transplant, think long, and look for the following criteria:

Best Hair Transplant in The World

  1. The best hair transplants look great on your face. The doctor should design your hair transplant according to your facial structure and skull shape, your hair texture and type.
  2. The hairline should look natural.
  3. The overall look should be dense.
  4. The angulation of the transplanted hair should be correct.
  5. The final result is without scarring and sutures.
  6. The latest methods have been used in your design.

You can narrow down your results in accordance with your budget; then once you decide on the place, look for the best doctors and clinics, and limit your choices as you receive consultation. The best hair transplant also depends on how well your doctor can understand your wishes.


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