Can there be any benefits of going bald?

Can there be any benefits of going bald? There is always a bright side, even when it comes to hair loss. Being a big defender of feeling good about ourselves (both inside and outside) and of hair transplants, I still think there are benefits of going bald, both health benefits and other types of advantages.

  1. First, some people look great when bald. Some others feel great when bald. That is what matters most. A clean, shaved look, a smooth scalp (especially if the head shape permits) is wonderful. Advantages of shaving your head bald are many.benefits of going bald
  2. There is a solution for some baldness types! Until one gets a hair transplant, one can enjoy being bald!
  3. Being bald is sometimes better than wearing the wrong wig, or having had a bad transplant surgery. (However, getting a good FUE hair transplant will ensure great looks too.)
  4. A bald head is always open to possibilities: scalp micropigmentation (medical tattooing of the scalp that imitates a very short cut, shaved look), hair transplant, wigs, other hair treatments.
  5. Not having to cut your hair all the time, not having to care about it, wash it, comb it, brush, style, or dye it – awesome!
  6. Bald heads are great when it is too hot.
  7. Some studies have shown that men with male pattern hair loss are less likely to develop prostate cancer! This is perhaps the best benefit of going bald so far! Who would think that there would be a health benefit of going bald?
  8. There are many women who prefer bald men.
  9. According to some surveys, quite many people associate baldness with masculinity, power, success, and sexuality.
  10. According to some other surveys, many people find bald people easy to approach, ethical, smart, and honest. Not to mention rich and powerful (I just wanted to emphasize it one more time!)
  11. Hats look better on bald scalps.
  12. You look badass. You save money, time, and energy.
  13. You get ready to go out quickly.
  14. You visit the hairdresser less. This is one of the most favorite benefits of going bald.
  15. No grey hair!
  16. Some people like the feel of a smooth scalp.

Despite the advantages of going bald, one can benefit from the improvements in hair transplants. If you miss your hair, enjoy the clean look until you get it back!


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