What is the Healing Period Like after a Beard and Mustache Transplantation?

You will completely heal in about 7 – 8 days after your beard and/or mustache transplantation. Shortly after the transplantation, little red scabs will form in the recipient area. It will take 7 – 8 days for the scabs to fall off completely, and the transplanted hair on the beard and the mustache to start showing. During these 7 – 8 days, the patient should pay attention to a few points because after the beard and the mustache transplant surgeries, just as in scalp hair transplantation, there is a special washing technique to apply for the beard and the mustache. Our patient needs to use this certain wash method to wash their transplanted beard and mustache. Also, the patient should avoid any damage/trauma on the transplanted area, and sleep in a certain position. If the patient has followed these guidelines, they can resume their everyday life as it were in 7 – 8 days but is there a resting phase? If the patient wants, they can go back to work the next day. This entirely depends on the time off that they can take from their work. In other words, beard or mustache transplantation does not require resting.


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