Are There any Good Hair Transplant Doctors in Turkey?

So, are there any good hair transplant doctors in Turkey? A fair question indeed. We are putting myself in your shoes, and asking the same question ourselves. Though, we have first-hand experience about the hair transplants in Turkey. That is why we think we can answer your questions, and be of help.

are there any good hair transplant doctors in turkey

Turkey? The Country or the Bird? Hair Transplants?

If you are coming from the States or other parts of the world but have never been to Turkey, never heard much about it, we should provide you with some background information. Very brief, we promise.

Turkey is a large country with around 70 million population. It is home to three major cities: Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. There are good medical schools in these cities whose graduates are often trained in Western countries, or in Western medicine. The country has a good reputation and history in medicine education.

In a nutshell, there ARE good and GREAT hair transplant doctors and teams in Turkey because;

  • Some of the medicine graduates have specialized in hair science and hair transplants over the past 25 years. They travel abroad to keep up with the latest techniques, and get trained by the pioneers of these techniques.
  • Labor is expensive in the Western countries. As a matter of fact, in most parts of the world. So are the rents and operational costs. Turkey, on the other hand, is still relatively cheap and the doctors can have large teams to carry out the hair transplants. Thanks to the high number of experts in hair transplants, the teams have gained immense experience over the years. Experience and skills are key in hair transplants.

Due to these two major facts – the history of medical education in Turkey, and the experience of the hair transplant teams, the answer to the question “Are there any good hair transplant doctors in Turkey?” is “Yes”.

Should you be worried? No. Finding a reliable hair transplant doctor who excels in hair transplants, ensures a good result.


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