Are There Any Good Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey?

What is the answer to “Are there any good hair transplant clinics in Turkey” The answer is a big “Yes” but it goes without saying that there are good professional services as well as bad ones wherever you go.

are there any good hair transplant clinics in turkey

There is a buzz about hair transplants in Turkey. This does not come as a surprise because Turkey offers plenty of good medical services at competitive prices. Yes, there are several good hair transplant doctors and clinics in Turkey, and some of these are worldly-renowned, and among the best.

I am not an extreme loss sufferer yet but I do experience hair loss someday, I would consider getting a hair transplant. And based on our expertise in hair science and hair transplants, I would think about many aspects before making a decision. These aspects would be (not in rank order though):

  1. My budget: Hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair loss, and in the long-run it is cost-effective, however, no matter how much one earns, one does not want to pay more than one is supposed to.
  2. The quality: I would be on the look-out for a hair transplant doctor who is best in their job but also who does not overcharge me.
  3. Intuition: While being very reasonable, I would also follow my intuition, and see if I can get along with my doctor – in other words, I would make sure that my doctor understands how my hair loss affects me, and how I want my hair to be. I would be happy to be operated by a hair transplant team who is open, and tell me about all the complications, and what styles suit me best. And sometimes these teams and doctors would not necessarily be those with the most commercials.

why-choose-hairwikiFollow your heart, when you are looking for a hair transplant clinic in Turkey. To find a good one, visit their website, talk to them, talk to other patients, and see if it is the best place for you. Perhaps, start with contacting the most expensive ones first, and move to the next one and rank order them according to your own criteria. So, are there any good hair transplant clinics in Turkey? There are many mostly based in Istanbul. And the correct and good ones are licensed, and the procedure is safe.


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