After Hair Transplant

After hair transplant, a hair transplant patient must follow certain instructions. Your hair transplant surgeon will provide you with post operative instructions. While most of these guidelines are the same everywhere, depending on your special situation, and the techniques involved in your surgery, your surgeon might give you different instructions.


Some points to take into account after hair transplant surgery are:

  1. Resting is key in most illnesses and surgeries. It is best avoid difficult sports and exercise.
  2. Avoid direct trauma to the transplanted area.
  3. Try to elevate your head, and sleep at a 45 degree angle.
  4. Avoid the consumption of alcohol, and try not to smoke.
  5. Take it lightly for the first few days after your surgery.
  6. Avoid excessive and direct sunlight, and swimming pool.
  7. Do not take aspirin or any blood-diluting medications for up to one week following your surgery.
  8. Talk to your surgeon if you feel excessive pain or feel any abnormalities.
  9. Ask for painkillers from your surgeon if your feel any pain.
  10. Visit your surgery when your consultation has been scheduled.
  11. Refrain from using pressured water, and hair dryers for a while.
  12. Most surgeons advise you not to wash your hair the day following your surgery, and they invite you at the clinic to demonstrate the special care and wash. They also often provide you with special lotions and hair care products to use for the first few days after hair transplantation.
  13. Try to avoid itching your scalp.
  14. Particularly during the first week after your hair transplant, apply the shampoo gently.
  15. You can dye your hair after one month.
  16. It would be a good idea if someone drives you home after your hair transplant because you will be given local anesthesia during your hair transplant surgery. If you have booked your hair transplant surgery via HairWiki, have no worries at all. You will be transported to your hotel.
  17. If you had a beard or mustache transplantation, avoid shaving the transplanted area for the first few days up to one week after your restoration surgery.

Talk to your doctor before and after your hair restoration. Learn about anything you should watch for, and any special care instructions that you may need.


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