How to Accept Your Hair Loss

Accepting hair loss is not an easy procedure. Yet, it is not impossible. Here are a few tips on how to accept your hair loss:

accepting hair loss

  1. Do not forget that hair loss is very common. Most men above the age of 50 experience hair loss. The genetic male pattern baldness is also very common in men starting from the age of 20.
  2. It is not your fault that you are experiencing hair loss. Nor it is your parents’ fault. If anything is faulty, it is the genetics.
  3. Hair does not have major biological functions. We can live without hair.
  4. Balding has its appeal.
  5. Luckily there are treatments to treat some hair loss types: if you cannot make peace with your balding scalp, find out if you are suitable for hair restoration surgery.
  6. You can adjust to your balding perhaps by shaving of your scalp entirely or trying out new hair styles that match your hair loss patterns. How about wearing some hair accessories and hats?
  7. Learn if you are suitable to take hair loss medications.
  8. Simply come to terms with your hair loss by liking your new look.
  9. Accept your negative feelings and thoughts.
  10. Talk to people who have experienced hair loss, and have embraced it.
  11. How about wearing a wig or a hair piece?
  12. Stay healthy and fit.
  13. Focus on your dreams, and make them come true. Take up hobbies, improve your skills, and enjoy your life. Do not concentrate on your looks.
  14. Make sure you know what caused your hair loss, how and whether it can be treated, if it is temporary how to prevent and stop it.
  15. Keep up with the news. Hair science is improving, and soon we might have other solutions than hair restoration.
  16. Enough with the comparisons. You are you, and accepting what you cannot change is very empowering. Nothing feels happier and more attractive than self-confidence.
  17. Perhaps you can try growing facial hair, and see if it suits you.
  18. Having no or fewer hair means low maintenance.

No matter what you decide to do about your baldness, it is best to start with accepting it including the negative feelings about it. Once you accept your hair loss, taking further steps is easier.


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